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I am always on the alert.  I just don't have anybody to herd.


"Of Purses and Vlogging"

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What Does a Woman Carry in Her Purse?

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22 September 2005

Well, just when I was getting bored with all of my regular internet time wasters, along comes my friend Michelle with a whole new link for me.  This is to ArtPad, where you can not only design and send your own painting, like this one:

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You can also "replay" the painting and it will show you all of the strokes that got you where you (or anybody else) ended up.  Really cool.   I swear, some of the things that people do with this program make me feel like I should go back and redo Kindergarten.

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Of course Mr. Picassohead has been around for a long time.  You can make your own Picasso paintings out of a set group of shapes provided by the site.

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(this one is mine)

Again, I am amazed at the creativity of some people, and my total lack of artistic creativity.  These are NOT mine...

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Then there is the House of Tartan which provides an interactive weaver which lets you design your own tartan, which they will then make for you (at some astronomical fee, I'm sure)

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Klaydoodle lets you create your own clay sculptures with the touch of a mouse.  (It didn't seem to work for me, though)

Caricature Zone lets you spend hours creating caricatures like this one

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(this looks surprisingly like a friend of mine!)

And if you run out of things to do with all these interactive programs, games of Scrabble, or Text Twist, or a number or other games, you can waste hours Googling new fun stuff to do on the Internet.

With luck, you never have to leave your computer.  Ever.


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Poor Indy doesn't have much to herd!
(photo by Peggy)


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