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18 October 2006

I'm back, baby!  I met with Lucy the Pig...

Thanks, Lucy!
(this is a photo from my phone camera)

...and I am once again able to format pages in FrontPage. 

Of course, the experience was not without its frustrations and came with many tears.  Why can't anything ever be simple?

I installed FrontPage 2003 which came as part of a Microsoft Office Suite.  When it was all installed and I was very happy to see that it worked, I moved my cursor up to the top of my screen to the toolbar that has sat there for four years, holding quick links to all of the programs that I use most often.

It wasn't there.

It had been a Microsoft Office Suite program that apparently got erased with the new upgrade.  I relied on that toolbar so heavily.  In fact, I have used it so often and for so long that I have now forgotten the NAME of a lot of the programs that I use all the time.  I only know them by their icon. How could I remember that the DVD rip program that I use to convert VHS tapes to a format that allows me to post them to the internet is called IMToo, and not DVDrip?

The toolbar was so nicely organized, too.  There was a section for web links, one for graphics, one for video, one for things like WordPerfect, one for games, one for database files.  All at my fingertips with one click.  And now I'm having to try to figure out another work-around.  I keep thinking of programs that were on that toolbar and then searching for what they are called and where they are located on my computer, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  Right now I'm looking for the encode program that converts wmv files to mov files and cannot find it for love or money.

I couldn't even find out how to start WordPerfect, for God's sake!  Gone are the days when you found a folder, looked inside and there was your .exe file.  Now there are folders within folders and each of those folders has more folders.  Finding the .exe file that will actually start the program takes forever.

At one point all of the icons on my desktop disappeared.  Every. single. one of them.  I don't know what caused that, but thank goodness once I rebooted, they were there again.

I am delighted that I can design pages again.  Blogger is a good program, but when I tried posting all those dog photos, I discovered that simple HTML programming language didn't allow me to do what I wanted to do with it.  I probably could have figured it out eventually, but this is so much easier.

As I looked at other journals, in my daily rounds, I realized that I missed the ability to choose a nice pattern background and mix and match colors.  This may not even be CLOSE to the most attractive journal on the Internet, but I have fun changing the design each month, and would not have been able to easily do that on Blogger.

Perhaps in the long run this will end up being a good thing.  I've learned how to use the Windows bar on the bottom of my screen...

...but there were lots of programs that I use so rarely, I can't remember what they are, and will probably not use now because I don't have that reminder on the old task bar looking at me.

I'm re-learning the name of the programs I use all the time, erasing programs that I don't, and I'm keeping a COPY of the programs that go onto the quick start bar in a separate folder, also copied on my "F" drive, so that if this happens again, I won't have to go through this again.

Of course now I have to set up shells again so I can continue to keep the journal as I travel for the next couple of weeks, and I won't be posting audio messages to Blogger, but you can't have everything.

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Rosie REALLY makes herself at home!


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