My favorite travel photos

We've been fortunate to do a bit of international travel, which we have probably stopped now.
Here are some of the highlights.


Taken at Caversham Park, outside of
Perth, Australia in 2003. 
My friend Peggy photographing a koala.

From the same trip.  These are sandstone
pillars at The Pinnacles.  Reminded me of Star Trek

My daughter and I at a Roman coliseum
in Arles, France, 2009
We went with a women's group and had a wonderful time.

My husband and I on Red Square
I couldn't believe I was standing on Red Square!

Our China Tour group on the Great Wall
My triumph--I was able to climb some of the Great Wall.

Our friends and traveling companions
Prague, 2012
We traveled with Mike and Char for 50 years, until Mike's death in 2014

The Blue Mosque, in Istanbul

Cossack Show, Ukraine

Sagrada Familia Cathedral
Barcelona, 2015
This was what I most wanted to see on this trip--It did not disappoint!

Walt eating gelato at the oldest gelateria in Florence
I had been there in 2009 and was pleased to find it again in 2015


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