things in my life #2

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Page 1 -- around the house

The street where we live

Our house
We have lived here since 1973


This is our living room. 
I sleep on the couch because I have a bad back. 
All the chairs are covered with blankets to protect them from the dogs.


The dining room half of our living room. 
If you look carefully you can see "Delicate Pooh"  (see bottom photo)
on the to shelf, just slight right of the chandelier.

My office, always neat and tidy

Walt's office...also neat and tidy


My two prized possessions.  On the left is a papier mache statue of my best friend, an actor who died in 1986,
doing one of the roles for which he was most famous (I was able to keep the statue after he died). 
On the right is what we call "Delicate Pooh," a Pooh bear we gave to our daughter when she was 2 (she is about to turn 50). 
It has been loved by all 5 of our children and once the f ace was eaten off by one of our dogs. 
My daughter fixed it and gave it to me as a gift. 
It has a place of honor in our house and is the thing I'd save first if the house was on fire.!


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