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Page 3 -- misc.

Some of the town's art

Some of the town's churches

Some of U.C. Davis's famous "egghead" sculptures
created by the late Robert Arneson

The city recently held a big celebration, with balloons, band, and cake
to mark the installation of this bathroom wall in Central Park



Cool archway made out of shovels
donated by residents of the town

This is Davis' famous "Toad Town," built as a place for toads to rest
while they are waiting to cross the road. via our famous Toad Tunnel
(This is a weird town)

Ned does publicity for the radio station where he works.
He took this photo to help publicize our Mexican daughter's restaurant.

Three of my favorite husband on the left, my son on the right, and a friend, Eric, in the middle

Jeri and Walt's sister outside the book store
where I volunteer once a week.

Lacy, an avid reader, disconsolate when she discovers
that the book store is closed on Mondays

Many faces of Anjali from India, one of the 30 children I sponsor through Compassion, Int'l.
I am so proud of the lovely young woman she is becoming


Some of my other sponsored kids
Top:  Mercy (Kenya), Fred (Philippines), Brayan (Honduras)
Bottom:  Eunice (Tanzania), Adriano (Brasil), Lovson (Haiti)

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