Happiness Scavenger Hunt #2

Thanks, Ilyse, for this fun swap.  I have enjoyed the previous ones
and I look forward to new swaps.



* Something you are thankful for

I am thankful for my family.  Walt and I have been married 56 years

Ned and Marta live with us.  Ned has a radio program on the local radio station.

We also had two sons who died.  David was 24 when he died in 1996 and Paul was 30 when he died in 1999.

I also have a 102 year old mother


Our oldest daughter, Jeri, lives in Boston with her husband and dog Lester.  She teaches at Berklee College of Music.

Tom and his family live in Santa Barbara, 400 miles from here:

We have 2 dogs, Polly & Bouncer

2.  Something that makes you laugh out loud.

3.  Something you use all the time

My computer is something I use most of every day, as is this insulated coffee cup.

4.  Reminds you of a happy memory

"Delicate Pooh" (right) was a Pooh bear we gave to Jeri when she was 2.  The bear has made it through each of the kids as they grew up.  My favorite picture is of Tom feeding Pooh cereal.

At one point the dog ate his face and Jeri repaired it.  He also has lost a lot of stuffing, so can't really sit up any more.

He lives in a mayonnaise jar on display in the living room.  If there were a fire, this is the one thing I would save before leaving the house.

The figure on the left is of Jack Point in Gilbert & Sullivan's Yeomen of the Guard.  My best friend was a patterman for G&S shows and his Point was one of his best roles.  When he died, his niece got one of his figures (KoKo from The Mikado) and I got the other one.

5.  Makes you feel safe

My balance isn't good any more and I need to walk with either a cane or a walker.  The cane makes my back hurt, so I feel much safer with the walker.

Ned has taken over taking care of us.  He is so careful to make sure that I don't fall or have anything hurt me.  Sometimes a bit much, but I am so grateful to have him here and know that if I have a problem, he will solve it.

6.  Sounds Beautiful

I love the sound of the ocean.

This is a recording of a song that was written by The Lamplighters, a company for which I worked for 5 years and shows shows we have been seeing for 60 years. 

This is a Shakespeare quote set to Glbert & Sullivan music.  It has become something the Lamplighters perform often.  I managed to find a recording of it that I made at the funeral of one of the actors.