Funny the World...

December, 2003

Dec 31 The Annual Report
Dec 30 By the skin of their teeth
Dec 29 Getting to the Roots
Dec 28 Fixing It in PhotoShop
Dec 27 It Shouldn't Happen to a Turkey
Dec 26 It's Not the Holidays Until...
Dec 25 Now all I need is World Peace
Dec 24 It's the Night Before Christmas
Dec 23 15 Minutes at a Time
Dec 22 Sensory Overload
Dec 21 I Shoulda Listened to the Goat
Dec 20 Lesbian Porn
Dec 19 Out with the Old
Dec. 18 Reliving the Magic
Dec. 17 Caroling, Caroling, Caroling
Dec. 16 It's Christmas time in The City   (photo intensive--sorry!)
Dec. 15 I'm too old for this
Dec. 14 Mind and Body
Dec. 13 Egg Nog Gala
Dec. 12 Old Waddle Family
Dec. 11 I Came Upon a Mid-day Clear
Dec. 10 Mmmm....Donuts!
Dec. 9 Detours and Fears
Dec. 8 Out, Out, Brief Candle
Dec. 7 Baubles, Bangles, Bright Shiny Beads
Dec. 6 Good For Me
Dec. 5 Rake's Progress
Dec. 4 Whine and Cheese
Dec. 3 Brave New World
Dec. 2 A New Look...An Old Message
Dec. 1 Faces of AIDS

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