Here is a link to the condo complex where we are staying, which will allow you to see all the amenities. (If you click on the "virtual tour," which I just did, it shows you a snippet of a movie which looks like it was taken right outside our front door. In fact, when the camera goes to the left, I thought it would go far enough to see our house, but it didn't.)

And then below is everything that I can think of that is in the Tahoe area. I’m perfectly happy sitting at home chatting and crafting, but realize that the rest of you will want to make the most of your time here, so think about these things and what you might like to do. 

Tahoe.jpg (43786 bytes) The Lake, of course. Lots of opportunities for water "things." It’s very cold water, but a nice beach, tour boats available. May be paddle boats--there used to be; I’m not sure if there is now.
River rafting. The Truckee River runs out of Tahoe City and r iver rafting is a big deal. This is kindergarden rafting. Gentle downhill run of about a mile, with one teeny rapid right at the very end. Some years the river isn’t very full, but there has been a lot of snow, so it should be a good year to go rafting

truckee_river_rafting0d.jpg (36058 bytes)

Miniature Golf. There is a miniature golf course a short drive away.
Emerald_Bay_Lake_Tahoe.jpg (59214 bytes)  

paddleboat.jpg (9086 bytes)Drive around the lake. We are on the North Shore, which is the "quiet side." The South Shore is where the Tahoe casinos, wedding chappels (Mary and Sherry?) and more activity are. Also beaches there and a nice paddlewheel boat that goes out of South Shore and goes up to Emerald Bay, which is one of the more picturesque places

We pass this bay on the way to South Shore, so stopping for an overlook and picture taking is possible.  The paddlewheel, if you want to enter from the opening from the lake itself.

We're staying 2 miles outside of Tahoe City, which is a quiet city with a couple of small "mall" type areas and a couple of nice restaurants. 

TahoeCity.jpg (68657 bytes)

reno.jpg (68730 bytes)

Reno is about an hour's drive or a bit less from the condo.  If you're into gambling, this is where you should go.  If that is something you'd like to do, I'd suggest going over on an afternoon and staying for dinner, so you can see all the lights, which are always fun.

I'm not a gambler, so I can't give you advice on where is the best place to go to gamble.   I'm a watcher.

Into history?  The Donner party was stranded here and Donner Lake along with the park which marks the spot where the Donner Party spent the winter is nearby.  The statue on the right shows how deep the snow was that year (the people are standing on where would have been the snowline.

donmon.jpg (38864 bytes)

SquawValley.jpg (29871 bytes)

The Olympics were held at Squaw Valley, which we pass going from the main freeway to Tahoe City.  Shouldn't be any snow in June, of course, but in case you want to see the facilities, and the brave might want to take the tram up to the top of the mountain.  I hear the view is breathtaking.  I've never done it.
Finally, there is Truckee, which is a quaint little town which is probably the best bet for local arts and crafts (tho you'll find some in Tahoe City as well.

truckee.JPG (39737 bytes)

And then, of course, there is always walking and talking.   It's a nice 2 mile walk into Tahoe City, which I usually do when I'm there over Thanksgiving.



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