Funny the World...

April, 2003

Date Name of Entry
April 30 It's All in How You Look at It
April 29 Yes, SIRRR
April 28 All Good Things Must Come to an End
April 27 Hiding in Houston
April 26 It's Jeri's Birthday!!!
April 25 Stasis and Chaos
April 24 Whupped
April 23 These Boots Were Made for Walkin'
April 22 Risotto by Committee
April 21 In Your Easter Bonnet
April 20 Random Acts of Collaboration
April 19 Good Friday
April 18 Grandpa's Chair
April 17 One More for the Resume
April 16 The Think System
April 15 Faster than a Speeding Bullet
April 14 You Musta Been a Beautiful Baby
April 13 Flights of Fancy and Hyperbole
April 12 The Gift that keeps on Giving
April 11 Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
April 10 Little Things
April 9 How Much Does Muscle Weigh Anyway?
April 8 Poppies and Poopies
April 7 Mountains and Molehills
April 6 The Changeling
April 5 The Good Old Days
April 4 Fool Me Once, Shame On You
April 3 Playing Doctor
April 2 Jiggle Belle
April 1 Shrove Monday

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