Funny the World...


Date Name of Entry
Aug 31 Come to the Faire
Aug 30 More Last Minute Stuff
Aug 29 Frosting on the Cake
Aug 28 Check....Check....Check
Aug 27 I Quit
Aug 26 A Hair-Raising Tale
Aug 25 The Man Who Would Be King
Aug 24 Keeping Abreast of Things
Aug 23 Another Friday Five
Aug 22 Chickens Have Come Home to Roost
Aug 21 It Used to be So Simple
Aug 20 A Family Affair
Aug 19 Insights
Aug 18 Is That a Martian in My Kitchen?
Aug 17 Slavish Loyalty
Aug 16 Defective Genes
Aug 15 Happiness is...
Aug 14 I Think I Remember
Aug 13 I Didn't Want to Know
Aug 12 I Can Be Easily Manipulated
Aug 11 Pedestrians
Aug 10 Birds Do It, Bees Do It
Aug 9 Travelin' Friday Five
Aug 8 Oh Those Summer Nights (lots of photos)
Aug 7 Call Me Sometime
Aug 6 Those Damn Potatoes
Aug 5 Worth 1,000 Words
Aug 4 Memories, with a Side of Potatoes
Aug 3 Judy and Ethel Together Again
Aug 2 Hello, Hollywood
Aug 1 Atilla the Honey

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created 8/31/03 by Bev Sykes