Funny the World...

December, 2001

Date Name of Entry
Dec 1 World AIDS Day
Dec 2 Dear Wisdom
Dec 3 How Do I Love Thee?   Let Me Count the Miles.
Dec 4 You Have to be Carefully Taught
Dec 5 It's a Dirty Job, but Someone Has to Do It
Dec 6 The Group
Dec 7 Lazy Way Out
Dec 8 Ghost of Christmas Past
Dec 9 Pornography and Other Imponderables
Dec 10 My Secret Love
Dec 11 Tossing Cookies
Dec 12 Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Dec 13 Blue Christmas
Dec 14 Love Letters
Dec 15 A Snoopy Christmas
Dec 16 Happy Birthday, Ludwig!
Dec 17 The Free Ride's Over
Dec 18 Kiss Me, You Fool!
Dec 19 Anvils Have Limited Appeal
Dec 20 The Bride Was a Real Bitch
Dec 21 If You Need Me,
I'll be Jumping Off a Bridge Somewhere
Dec 22 Lost and Alone on Some Forgotten Highway
Dec 23 Christmas Tree Letter
Dec 24 Happy PC Holiday to You, Too
Dec 25 Useless Flowers and Strange Rituals
Dec 26 ...And So It's Over
Dec 27 Saved by Koala Poop
Dec 28 It's My Rut and I Like It
Dec 29 @$#%&^ and other expletives
Dec 30 Sunrise, Sunset
Dec 31 The Word of the Lord

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