Funny the World...

December, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Dec. 31 The Guest of Honor Wasn't There
Dec. 30 Back in the Saddle Again
Dec. 29 Is That Rain on Your Cheeks....?
Dec. 28 When Yogurt Goes Bad
Dec. 27 Like Mother, Like Daughter-in-Law
Dec. 26 All I Want for Christmas...
Dec. 25 From the Sublime to the Ridiculous and Back Again  (lots of pix)
Dec. 24 Faded Photographs
Dec. 23 Christmas Time, Around the World
Dec. 22 Fizzbin
Dec. 21 Hottest Gift of the Year!!!
Dec. 20 Here We Come A-Caroling
Dec. 19 Full Moon Syndrome
Dec. 18 The "Flu Diet" (lots of pix)
Dec. 17 Typhoid Mary
Dec. 16 2-a-Day
Dec. 15 A Show Bizzy Day
Dec. 14 An Ethel Queen and a Judy Queen
Dec. 13 Well, It's About Time!
Dec. 12 Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men
Dec. 11 The Real Skinny on Fat
Dec. 10 Little Drummer Girl
Dec. 9 Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String
Dec. 8 Behind Closed Doors
Dec. 7 "Coming Home"
Dec. 6 Picture of Health
Dec. 5 Making a List, Checking it Twice
Dec. 4 Visions of Sugarplums
Dec. 3 Deck the Halls
Dec. 2 Serendipity
Dec. 1 World AIDS Day

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