Funny the World...

February, 2003

Date Name of Entry
Feb. 28 It's a Sorrowful Day in the Neighborhood
Feb. 27 Isabella
Feb. 26 Keep Coming Back--It Works
Feb. 25 Getting By with a Little Help from my Friends
Feb. 24 The "E" Word
Feb. 23 Buswoman's Holiday
Feb. 22 Please, Sir, I Want Some...More...
Feb. 21 Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Feb. 20 The Stuff that Dreams are Made of
Feb. 19 Lies My Father Told Me
Feb. 18 Special Events
Feb. 17 Dim Sum
Feb. 16 Old Blue Eyes is Back
Feb. 15 My Kingdom for an Endorphin
Feb. 14 Love Makes the World Go Round
Feb. 13 Thank You for Being a Friend
Feb. 12 Oh those Wacky Australians
Feb. 11 Seanachie
Feb. 10 Think of Me Fondly
Feb. 9 The Hours Crepe on Apace
Feb. 8 Clams and...sugar??
Feb. 7 Taking the Pledge
Feb. 6 In the Infinite Beauty We're All Joined in One
Feb. 5 See? See????!!!
Feb. 4 Birth Day
Feb. 3 The Hayride
Feb. 2 Flying for Me
Feb. 1 Dare to be Happy

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