Funny the World...

January, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Jan 1 How'm I Doin', Coach?
Jan 2 I'm Absolutely Certain...I think...
Jan 3 The Concert of Your Life
Jan 4 Balancing Act
Jan 5 Friday Five
Jan 6 It's Like...You Know
Jan 7 Be it Ever So Humble
Jan 8 Number, please...
Jan 9 Irreconcilable Differences
Jan 10 Me and the Duchess
Jan 11 Dust Bunnies and HMOs
Jan 12 Just a Simple School Marm
Jan 13 Keep the Candle Burning until it Burns Out
Jan 14 Where Have I Gone Wrong?
Jan 15 Take a Wok
Jan 16 Falling Leaves
Jan 17 I am Woman, Hear me Scream
Jan 18 Where's the Nearest Offramp?
Jan 19 Brrrrrrrrrr
Jan 20 Brrrrrrrrrr, cont'd
Jan 21 The Torch is Passed
Jan 22 It's Not a Great Story, It's Just What Happened
Jan 23 Butt... Butt...
Jan 24 It's Hard to Type with Frozen Fingers
Jan 25 How Well do you Know Me?
Well, you aren't going to believe THIS, for sure!
Jan 26 Buff Bev
Jan 27 This and That
Jan 28 The Years Creep On Apace...and so do the Ants
Jan 29 Something Funny, Something Freezing,
Something Fishy
Jan 30 The Grass Is Always Greener
Jan 31 Free Association (or reasonably cheap)

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