Funny the World...

January, 2003

Date Name of Entry
Jan. 31 Tense? Who Me?
Jan. 30 When Systems Crash
Jan. 29 Keep Coming Back--It Works
Jan. 28 Conquering the Yuck Factor
Jan. 27 Super Australia Day Bowl
Jan. 26 Ahhh...Microtechnology
Jan. 25 The Pleasure of your Company...
Jan. 24 What Would You Do with a Brain if You Had One?
Jan. 23 Don't Teach the Children
Jan. 22 It's All in Your Head
Jan. 21 Greasing My Palm
Jan. 20 The Numbers Game
Jan. 19 The Death Ray
Jan. 18 In a Fog
Jan. 17 Why Medical Staff Goes Grey
Jan. 16 Catching Up on my Reading
Jan. 15 It's All About Gadgets
Jan. 14 Firsts
Jan. 13 Lucky Luciana
Jan. 12 To Be Vulnerable
Jan. 11 Over the Rainbow
Jan. 10 Don't Know Much about His-to-ree
Jan. 9 Ravings of a Scattered Brain
Jan. 8 OK--It's Bad, but I Did It
Jan. 7 Going Nowhere Fast
Jan. 6 Simply Beside Myself
Jan. 5 Pinata People
Jan. 4 Health Care Can Be Fun
Jan. 3 Time for a Rant
Jan. 2 Have a Heart
Jan. 1 Party Girl

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