Funny the World...

March, 2003

Date Name of Entry
March 31 The Pitter Patter of Big Feet
March 30 Take Time to Smell the Manure
March 29 Finding My Inner Endorphin
March 28 The Great Imposter
March 27 She Really Did It
March 26 Curves in the Road
March 25 Oscar Goes to War
March 24 Fortunes of War
March 23 Attack of the Killer Brownies
March 22 War: Good for me?
March 21 Wack-a-Mole
March 20 Threes
March 19 This Nearly Was Mine
March 18 Candle in the Rain
March 17 A Pledge for DSL
March 16 Blessed Are the Peacemakers
March 15 Katie, How could You?
March 14 I Can Feel It in My Bones
March 13 Burn, Baby, Burn
March 12 If It's Tuesday...
March 11 Round and Round and Round
March 10 By Request
March 9 If the Shoe Fits, Buy It
March 8 Too Beautiful a Day
March 7 Slow and Steady
March 6 The White Rabbit
March 5 Pass the Tomatoes
March 4 Look, Ma, No Blood
March 3 Wangitude
March 2 Eye Candy
March 1 Call Me Frieda

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