Funny the World...

May, 2003

Date Name of Entry
May 31 Groaning at the Groaning Board
May 30 The Moving Fingers Type
May 29 In Spite of Whereases
May 28 Judy and I Thank You
May 27 Thru the Looking Glass
May 26 Sunday Shoppers
May 25 Product Endorsement
May 24 Speeding Ticket
May 23 After I Leave...
May 22 With Friends Like This...
May 21 Clear Conscience
May 20 Obsessions
May 19 Land of Plenty
May 18 Little Friend of Mine...
May 17 Everything Old is New Again...and Again...and Again
May 16 Help Wanted
May 15 Lame Duck
May 14 How to Sabotage Yourself in 9 Easy Steps
May 13 The Other Shoe
May 12 With Equality and Justice for All
May 11 Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?
May 10 Faded Photographs
May 9 The Wrath of God
May 8 Things that go Bump
May 7 Decisions, Decisions
May 6 The Not So Proud and the Profane
May 5 Rolling Thunder
May 4 The Gadget Guru
May 3 I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't
May 2 Fire Breathing Dragon
May 1 Oh My Aching Back

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