Funny the World...

November, 2002

Date Name of Entry
Nov. 30 "Buy Nothing Day"
Nov. 29 An Elegant Sufficiency
Nov. 28 Thank You
Nov. 27 One Lump or Two?
Nov. 26 Especially Chosen--Just for Me!
Nov. 25 The Unbelievable
Nov. 24 Breaking with Tradition
Nov. 23 Still a Small World
Nov. 22 Another Year, Another Rant
Nov. 21 Somebody's Treasure, Somebody's Junk
lots of pix
Nov. 20 A "Sticky" Situation
Nov. 19 Catch a Falling Star
Nov. 18 Limbo
Nov. 17 "Lyrics by Bev Sykes"
Nov. 16 The Whole Tooth
Nov. 15 (Semi-)Permanent Memorials
Nov. 14 Sometimes You Win
Nov. 13 Sweet Smell of Success
Nov. 12 War and Remembrance
Nov. 11 Funny--I thought it was Hilly...
Nov. 10 Playing Catch-up: A Little Bit of This and That
Nov. 9 Little Jabs of Pleasure
Nov. 8 Around and Around and Around
Nov. 7 Why Did the Frog Cross the Road?
Nov. 6 The Flossing of Beverly
Nov. 5 Living by the Numbers
Nov. 4 The Fleecing of Beverly
Nov. 3 Dubya, Rudy and Jed
Nov. 2 Gynecology Can Be Fun
Nov. 1 Georgette of the Jungle

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