December 2021

Dear Friends,

Who would have believed that in December 2021, we would still be talking about masks and COVID?  We have been vaccinated, but still wear masks in public.  Walt gets a spit test every week...I do occasionally.  We don't do a lot out of the house.  It's a little bit busier than it was in 2020, but not much.

The big news for 2021 was my mother's 102nd birthday.  We missed her 101st because of the pandemic, but we were all vaccinated this year, so I made her a cake and we had a birthday party at Eldervilla.

She is on Hospice now and is less and less able to communicate, but she's fairly healthy physically (except for the after effects of a broken leg earlier this year), though she can't eat solids and lives on protein drinks and baby food. I am happy she is on Hospice.  She volunteered with Hospice for more than 30 years and I think it's perfect that she is ending her life with Hospice support.

We didn't see Tom and his family for all of 2020, though I played Scrabble with the girls on line.  But Tom did have his anual BBQ this year (couldn't have it last year) and so we drove to Santa Barbara--our only big trip out of Davis in 2021.  They bought a house a year ago and it was nice to be able to see the house and the girls.  Brianna turned 13 this year and Lacie is now 10.  Their dog had to be put to sleep, but they now have a new puppy, Pepper.  I love it that Brianna now has email.

Walt and I had a quiet year.  No plays to attend until October, when we attended shows at the first two theaters to start up again.  And not much else, except a trip to San Francisco for the Lamplighters Gala. Walt goes on a bike ride every day, I stay home every day and write pen pal letters.  I've decided to stop reviewing shows in Sacramento, so we won't be seeing 50 shows this year, more like 10, in Davis, Woodland, and Winters, assuming theaters are going to continue performing.

Ned and Marta spent 6 weeks in Hawaii, which sounds like a nice vacation, but they went over to clean out Marta's mother's house, since her mother had moved to Colorado.  Six weeks in Hawaii and Ned said he would have to remind himself to look out the window at the ocean now and then.  They did have one day in a hotel in Kona before they flew home, so had at least one day of vacation.

Ned is still recording his radio show, Davis Music Connections, on the weekends to broadcast on Tuesdays on KDRT radio here in Davis.  His co-host is Clyde Bowman, whose son KC was in Lawsuit and runs the recording studio where the kids still record. The radio shows stream for 3 weeks after being broadcast.

Ned and Clyde

Since the pandemic started, Marta has been working from home, so doesn't have to make the daily commute into Sacramento any more. She's made a great office upstairs and we only see her at dinnertime and we all watch 1970s Match Game shows during dinner.

After learning that the house Jeri and Phil had been renting a flat in for 20 years was going to be sold and they were expected to move, they went through some pretty intense discussion and finally decided to buy their flat.  They love the neighborhood, have lots of friends among the neighbors and it's easy for Jeri to ride her bike to work.  House prices in Boston are ridiculous but they found a way to make a down payment and are working toward becoming home owners.  Jeri has been happy to be back in theaters playing again, after a year of no shows at all.  She got to play the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween, which was great fun.  She has not been able to fly out to California for most of a year, but will be here for Christmas, while Phil stays home to take care of the dog.

Jeri and the dog (and sometimes Phil) go for a walk most mornings and Jeri texts a 30 second video each day to all the family so we can see where they are and watch Lester standing in various bodies of water.  The story behind this photo:  This was a special weekend off the grid after a long year of online teaching.  This photo was taken at Look Park in Northampton; we rode our bikes from the hotel to see the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  It was a lovely evening.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that 2022 will be a year when we don't have to wear masks all the time!

Walt and Bev

with Jeri, Phil, Ned, Marta, Tom, Laurel, Brianna and Lacie
Polly and Bouncer
and, in absentia, Paul, David, Sheila and Lizzie

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