Here are some of my favorite photos for the month of April. 
We always take lots of fun when our daughter Jeri comes to visit, as she lives in Boston and we don't see her often


We always do a "Jeri and Grandma photo"

Jeri went through a memory book I made for my mother, trying to get her to remember some things.

This may be my favorite picture of the month.  We were getting together with
Walt's brother & wife, sister, and Jeri.  I looked up an ALL of them
were on their cell phones!

Son Ned was making a movie for granddaughter Brianna's 10th birthday.  He got us all involved,. 
It was definitely a fun evening


Finally, this is a photo, but it's of a postcard I edited.
We had  to take work of art and alter it.  I loved how this turned out.