The Philosophy of Juice and Crackers


I could have sworn I told y'all about my philosophy of life before, but I can't find it in my database, so if you've heard this before, just ignore this.

Our kids were in a parent co-op nursery school and each month there would be a parent meeting.  When we joined the kids were having soda crackers and kool-aid for snack each day.  After about 6 months, the membership of the school had changed and the nutritionists brought up their concern about what the kids were eating.   They suggested we switch them to graham crackers and apple juice, which would be more nutritious, but more expensive.

A big battle would take place and at the end, we finally agreed to switch the kids to graham crackers and apple juice, because the kids' health was more important.  In another 6 months, there were more new people who saw how much money we were spending on snacks and suggested that the school could save money if we just gave the kids soda crackers and kool aid.  Another big battle would take place and finally we would agree to save money, because the school always had money problems.

Etc., etc., etc.

When I thought about it, I realized that all of life is juice and crackers.  Think of any place where you ever worked or volunteered or supervised (like a home owners association)...even up to Congress and the White House.  A group of people fight for how they think things should work and a way of operation is chosen and then, after a period of time, new people come in with new ideas and the same things happens all over again.  Nobody seems to pay attention to historical memory.   They go back to something that was already tried.  And then again after a period of time, someone has an idea that you should try a version of the old way things were done.

Walt says he saw this all the time in his office, where he worked for nearly 50 years.  After awhile, the old timers let the younger ones slug it out because, bottom line, is that nothing ever changes for good...sooner or later, someone will have the brilliant idea to try something that failed years ago.

So my dying message to the world will be:   It's all juice and crackers!